A c h i e v e m e n t s   o f   T V G M

Achievements of TVGM in the past 28 years

Details of Ministerial work through TVGM in 28 years from April 29, 1979 to May 1, 2004.

1. So, far nearly 250 “Hundred village ministry”, has been carried out in 250 unions of Tamilnadu. The Gospel has been preached in 25,000 small villages, 50 lakhs tracts and 20,000 New Testaments has been distributed freely.

2. In the year 1999 to 2000 alone nearly 1.5 million Luke and John’s gospel has been freely distributed and gospel preached to nearly 150,000 people.

3. In Sri Lanka 50, 100-village ministry has been carried out. John’s gospel has been distributed freely to 1, 65,000 houses in Jaffna in the year 2003 by TVGM.

4. An average of 25,000 friends from other faiths have been enrolled in the letter follow-up ministry and led to the Lord.

5. Jesus Lovers’ Camp has been conducted in nearly 100 places and the people introduced to the pastors.

6. 300 students have studied in the short term Discipleship Training Centre in TVGM.

7. Twenty five full-time ministers, though not with much education, but with zeal to plant churches in villages, have been given financial assistance for prescribed number of years (3 years) and are encouraged.

8. Nearly 50 churches have been built in 30 villages that did not have a church, and have been gifted to spiritual organizations nearby.

9. Nearly 100 women have sought refuge at TVGM head office and were given spiritual training and sent to places as the Lord opened doors.

10. In Glasgow, Scotland, the first Tamil Sunday service was held in December, 2001.


Glory to God!