I am so glad to talk of TVGM. First of all it is not so easy to issue the BIBLE to a single man who doesn't belong to Christian. But Rev. Bro. P.T.Christopher & his team keep providing thousand & thousands of BIBLE each month to un-known people and who don't hear of JESUS. I am really proud of them that God has chosen such a dedicated people. Please pray for Rev. Bro. P.T.Christopher & his team to get & give more.

Love in Christ,
Arokia Dhas & family

About  Tamil  Village  Gospel  Mission, Trichy :

Wonderful  and  Marvelous  Ministry.   With  Truth  and  Spirit  this  Ministry  is  being  conducted  every  month  for  more  than  25  years.   I  am  sure  to  tell  you  that  God's  Grace  is  upon  this  Truthful  Ministry.

About  Bro.  P. T. Christopher :

He  is  the  Founder  of  this  TVGM,  the  Great  Ministry  of  God  Almighty.   He  is  Simple,  Humble,  Loyal,  Faithful,  Sincere,  Trust  Worthy  and  Hard  Working  Evangelist.   During  his  Period  of  his  Ministry  he  had  given  ALL  HIS  BELONGINGS  (Body,  Spirit,  Soul  and  his  Assets)  to  God  Ministry --  TVGM.   I  am  sure  that  the  Rewards  for  his  works  on  Earth  is  awaiting  in  Heaven  for  him  and  his  wife  Jaiselee.    I  wish  him  and  Sister  Jeyaseeli  ALL  THE  BEST  in  Doing  God's  Ministry.

Closing  with  Love  &  Prayers,

Rev.  Dr.  Joseph  A.  Rajkumar,
Founder  and  Pastor  of Abu  Dhabi  Apostolic  Church,
Abu  Dhabi.  U.  A.  E.

I first became acquainted with TVGM and P.T. Christopher in the summer of 2003.  I met Brother Christopher at a meeting when he sent out a company of evangelists and I was touched deeply by the Lord Jesus. 

Mr. Christopher stayed with my family in our house during his first visit to the U.S. in November of 2007.  I consider him a dear friend and partner in the faith and have the utmost respect for him and his ministry.  He is a man of impeccable character.  I love his humility and he has a beautiful sense of humor.


Kenton Higgins
Senior Project Architect
Kansas City, United States

TVGM-A Ministry With a Vision:

I know brother P.T.Christopher, the founder of TVGM  for more than 30 years. He started the mission with a vision to reach villages in India. I have observed that he has not deviated from the heavenly vision all these years.

The growth of this ministry does depend upon his tremendous sacrifice, strenuous hard work and extraordinary selflessness. Heaven only knows the impact of TVGM made in thousands of villages. Through TVGM many village churches and village workers have been blessed in a greater way. Our Orissa ministry was very much blessed through his generosity

I wish TVGM, P.T.Christopher and Stephen God's blessing and great success.

R. John Elangovan,

Indian Christian Revival Mission.


Dear Bro. P.T. Christopher,

I am delighted to say that you are doing a wonderful work for the kingdom very faithfully.
I am grateful to the LORD for bringing us together for his purposes.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your ministry over the years since I met you in Nepal.
May the LORD bless and cause you to flourish even more in these last days.
As I am in India with my father I am not able to send you photos but I am sure you have plenty of our photos to use as you desire.
May you be refreshed and blessed.

With Lots of Love,
Pastor Kumar Swamy


Brother P. T. Christopher:

One day a man of God watched the dead body of a Hindu man being cremated in a cemetery and was deeply moved to see the eternal doom of that soul without JESUS. It gripped his heart and his burden became the passion for souls. God gave him a vision to take the gospel to door to door in all the villages before people perished, and thus the dawn of 100 Village Ministry in Tamil Nadu and the man of God is none other than Bro. P. T. Christopher, a humble, hard working man of God. He has a gift of working with all the Churches, Christian organizations and Institutions.

TVGM 100 Village Ministry:

TVGM is and international missionary enterprise, which takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached villages in Tamil Nadu, India. The seekers and the converts are given to the local Churches for follow up and pastoral care. Several thousands of villages have been covered by the message of salvation through this ministry for the last 30 years, and millions of peoples were given the opportunity to hear about Jesus. In recent years TVGM has expanded its ministry to Sri Lanka and Orissa. In addition to the evangelistic work, TVGM actively involved in community service such as Children Homes, Medical clinics, free legal advice, blood donations and etc. May God continue to bless the ministry of TVGM until Jesus returns.

Rev. John Isaiah
Anglican Church Pastor, Sri Lanka (Also heads Sri Lanka Village Gospel Mission)

Praise the Lord.
Our dear Pr. P.T.Christopher is known to me for the past 35 years. He is a man of God, dedicated, simple, humble, faithful and hard worker for the Lord. He is for the Gospel to villages in Tamil Nadu and the servant of God to carry, help the poor Pastors, poor people, poor children  in all his life. He is an example to Christian Society and the one for the Gospel Ministries and establishments. We wish him for the long healthy life, anointed ministry to serve the Lord more and more till the Lord's Holy coming.

With love and prayers,
Pr. K. Arul
Founder President
Voice Of Zion Ministries India.


I'm writing to you to commend your great efforts in propagating the gospel. TVGM has been a great blessing not only to India but also to Singapore. The Flags have become an iconic evangelism tool that has reached millions all over the world. I thank God for the opportunity to work alongside TVGM in spreading the Good News. Remain Blessed.

In His Call For His People,

Rev Samuel Gift Stephen
Smyrna Assembly, Singapore
Senior Pastor / Chairman

TVGM- A progressive Gospel Mission in village ministry. Mr. Christopher a blessed person, dedicated, helping, Gospel Missionary. Shower of blessing be with him and his Gospel.

P. Manohar