Founders Testimony
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     Two boys and ten girls were born to Ponnusamy and his wife, in Marakattuvillai village, of Nellai district in Tamilnadu, South India. With their third son born on May 7, 1952, the family was complete, as God continued to bless this Christian family with an abundance of land, coconut trees and wealth, the Father became well-respected in the village. Thirteen years later, on December 25, 1965, Ponnusamy passed from this life and went home to be with the Lord.  At this time Christopher was in his early teen-years, one Sunday the preacher’s sermon was on the verse from Luke 12:20, “Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?”  That evening, while praying by the seashore of his village, he witnessed dead bodies being cremated; the words the preacher spoke in Sunday service began to work in him, “one day I will surely die, if so, what will be everlasting?” was the thought that started running in his mind.

     Years passed, and now he was 18 years old, while studying P.U.C. in Nazareth, South India, his two brothers and three of his sisters divided their father’s property, being sure each sibling received their share. During this time Christopher came to know about the true salvation message through a college professor and fully accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. His desires began to change, after graduating he worked hard towards doubling his dad’s farm property to bring in added wealth.  While Bro. P.T. Christopher strived to achieve his goal and experienced God’s blessing in material growth, a particular sermon kept coming to his memory; one he heard while attending a Church of South India (C.S.I), the text was from Mathew 16:26, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”  This verse began to disturb him.

     The Bachelor Science degree was awarded to Bro. P. T. Christopher in 1974 from Sayarpuram College in Nagerkovil. After this accomplishment he encountered a kind of emptiness in all that he did, so in 1975 he quit the farming profession and volunteered at Bethel Organization in Nazareth as a warden in their children’s home. God used this time to develop a longing in his heart to work in the Lord’s ministry, and he continued at Bethel until 1978, when his Call became clear.

     In the month of June, 1978 Bro. P. T. Christopher underwent missionary training through Friends Missionary Prayer Band at Danishpet Bethel Bible College, further developing his desire to do evangelism. Semponvillai, near his native village became the focus of his ministry; for 150 days he fasted and prayed through the night. Being assured this was the Lord’s desire, on December 25, 1978 he evangelized, and continued through January 1, 1979. His desire was to visit all the 56 families of Semponvillai village and give them a copy of the New Testament with a Christmas Cake and share the love of Christ with each one. 

    During this time a friend named Godson, who studied with him in Bethel Bible College saw his passion and gave him a few Rupees as offering. Bro. P. T. Christopher took this offering and started praying. The God who blessed 5 loaves of bread and two fishes!  Bless this too!

     The Son of God blessed the offering Bro. Godson gave, soon, more than 300 Rupees were given by the friends and relatives of Bro. P. T. Christopher. So on December 25, 1978 he bought 56 New Testaments and Christmas Cakes and went along with two other friends to Semponvillai village. Standing in front of 56 houses they sang, prayed and gave the New Testament and Christmas Cake to each household. Moreover, they continued to conduct meetings for eight days.

     On January 1, 1979 a meeting was organized in Kundal village in front of the C.S.I. church and publicly announced the start of a new ministry named “Semponvillai for Christ”.  With the remaining Rupees he sent one full time missionary to Semponvillai village.
     During this time Bro. Godson was overwhelmed when the preacher asked them to pray for the 1500 churchless villages in Tamilnadu. The next time he met Bro.P.T.Christopher he informed him of this fact and encouraged him to adopt more villages for.  This is the reason Tamil Village Gospel Mission was founded on April 29, 1979.

     In Nazareth, on May 30, 1979, Bro. P. T. Christopher married Sis. Jeyaseeli who in her youth gave her life to Jesus, and worked as a missionary for 3 years with Friends Missionary Prayer Band.  For three months both served as missionaries in Gujarat, through Friends Missionary Prayer Band, in the northern part of India. Since each of them had the same burden to support poor missionaries with material help and to establish churches in churchless villages by evangelizing; both of them, with one heart, told the organization head of their burden and resigned with the organization’s prayer and blessing. Toward the end of 1979 they came back Tamilnadu to run the Tamil Village Gospel Mission, the one they had started by faith without any material support.  The following year brought numerous difficulties, but the Christopher’s persevered.

     The Indian Government accepted Tamil Village Gospel Mission as officially registered in 1981, and in October of that year the first Hundred Village Ministry was organized, covering 100 villages all around Semponvillai. In addition, the monthly “Hundred Village Ministry Magazine” was established.

     On 29th April 2004, God gave Bro.P.T.Christopher the grace to successfully complete his 25 years of ministry. On May 1, 2004 he organized a Thanks Prayer Meeting and dedicated his eldest son, Stephen Christopher and handed over the full ministry responsibilities to him. Evangelist and prophet Bro. Ezekia Fransis dedicated Bro. Stephen Christopher in front of all T.V.G.M. supporters.

Glory to God!