"And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." Mark 16:15,16

Hundred Village Ministry

     “Hundred Village Ministry” is a one-week Gospel distribution program conducted in remote villages of Tamilnadu mobilizing volunteers from various churches. The Hundred Village program actually involves three stages; starting with the survey, then proceeding to the Gospel distribution and finally the follow-up.
     The survey is done to gather information about the region to see if any church already exits and to analyze the needs substantiating to conduct a “Hundred Village Ministry Program”. During the survey a village list and a map is collected from the union or block office for reference and also a special prayer for the villages is done in our head office at Trichy.
     As a second step a pastor is identified near the target place to gather information about that particular region like the socio-economic condition of the people, possible challenges, and other similiar aspects. Moreover, we encourage their church members to participate and encourage them to provide food for the first and last day for all the regular volunteers that come from other churches in Tamilnadu to participate in the Hundred Village Ministry Program. Usually the program starts on Monday and goes through Friday. On Monday there is a special fasting prayer for the villages going to be reached in the church and to bind the devil. Following this the volunteers are grouped into two or three based on the number of volunteers who have come and are sent into the villages by giving them Gospel books, Promotional materials, a list of Villages to cover over the week and five rupees per day.
     Standing outside each village the volunteers join hands in prayer to bind the devil before entering. Then they start witnessing the love of Christ by sharing their personal testimonies and distribute St. John’s Gospel, free of cost. They collect the address of people that are intersted to know more about Jesus. The volunteers stay and eat wherever the door is open for them. The volunteers also sell the promotional materials provided to them by TVGM and use that money for their expenses. Similarly, they do the same for all the other five days and return to the church that they gathered on the first day.
      During the final day there is a special thanks giving prayer where all the team leaders share the testimonies of their group and and tell how God lead them miraculously. With this the Hundred Village Ministry program comes to an end for that month. Similarly, this is done every month.
     Following this the follow-up work is done from the TVGM head office for the address that was collected during each Hundred Village Ministry program and are followed up.

How much does it cost for one Hundred Village Ministry program?

Approximately $1,400 to cover Hundred Villages.

Glory to God!